Upgrade your Ticket Delivery and Management with sharepa

sharepa empowers sports organizations to reduce workload and elevate the experience of fans, sponsors and other major stakeholders. 

The "last mile" is well-known in logistics. While the route of goods before the last mile is quite simple, straightforward and possible in large quantities, it becomes complex, expensive and very fragmented at the end. 

This challenge also exists in ticket management. Sponsors or guest clubs receive larger ticket contingents and then have to get them to the right person and deal with returns. sharepa simplifies this process and enables sponsors, guest clubs and other stakeholders to manage their ticket contingents independently - with minimum effort and maximum simplicity. 

Business partners with hospitality packages can also use sharepa to send VIP tickets digitally to partners, customers or employees within seconds; clubs can manage access permissions for service providers such as catering or security.

At international sports organisations such as FC Bayern Munich, FK Austria Vienna and FC Basel, the system has already been in use in recent years under the name keyper. Now, it is being repositioned, and rebranded as sharepa as an individual product of keyper GmbH. 

It is very important for keyper CEO Andreas Kienbink to emphasise: "We have never been and are not a competitor for ticketing providers. On the contrary, the combination of ticketing, stadium access and sharepa is a great opportunity for clubs. We believe in cooperation and strive to work with partners to create the best possible offer for our customers and the best possible experience for their stakeholders." 

In addition to sports clubs, leagues and associations, these customers can also be larger sponsors - companies that are sponsoring partners of one or more sports organisations and therefore have to coordinate large ticket and hospitality contingents. These can be bundled on the sharepa platform and managed with minimal effort.

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