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sharepa streamlines the ticket delivery process, allowing sports organizations to effortlessly share and control ticket contingents. Seamlessly integrated with major providers, sharepa empowers sports organizations to reduce workload and elevate the experience of fans, sponsors and other major stakeholders. sharepa is your key to optimizing operations and enhancing convenience in ticket distribution.

sharepa is product of keyper.

Organisations that worked with sharepa:

Who should use sharepa?

We are sports industry experts.

sharepa offers services for the major stakeholders in the sports industry – service providers, sponsors and above all sports organizations.

Professional sports organisations that sell tickets

For sports clubs, leagues, and associations that want to increase convenience and reduce the workload.

Service providers that work in several sports facilities

Convenient access management for catering, Security and other service providers.

Companies that hold hospitality packages or ticket contingents at one or more sports organizations

Independent ticket management and distribution for sponsors.

Use Case

Find out what you can achieve with sharepa

Download the use case of the fictional club keyper FC and learn more about the opportunities sharepa offers for sports organisations.


Decentralized Management of
Ticket Contingents

Easily share ticket contingents with your fanclubs, sponsors, away fans and other stakeholders. Reduce your workload by letting them organize themselves but still keep in control of all data.

Further Services

B2C Ticket Sharing

Seamlessly integrated into your existing mobile app or effortlessly implemented through our whitelabel solution, sharepa is a user-friendly solution that empowers your fans to share their season tickets with ease.

This feature significantly reduces the no-show rate, ensuring that seats are filled even when the original ticketholder cannot attend a game. What sets sharepa apart is not only the convenience it brings to fans but also the comprehensive control it provides to sports organizations by retaining oversight of all data.

Further Services

Access Management

sharepa offers a decentralized access management solution for service providers to independently and efficiently handle permissions for their staff in stadiums and arenas.

With seamless integration, sharepa ensures streamlined and secure processes, providing autonomy and efficiency for service providers during events. From real-time updates to flexible adjustments, sharepa is the ideal solution for optimizing access management in dynamic event environments.

Further Services

Enhanced B2B Experience

Use sharepa to improve the experience of your business partners. Integrated into an existing B2B app or based on our whitelabel solution, your business partners can manage their hospitality tickets themselves.

Simple ticket forwarding by your business partners to their employees or customers is possible within seconds, purely digitally and securely. Parking tickets, vouchers and many other services can be easily integrated.


Reduced workload and improved convenience

By using sharepa, you not only reduce the workload of your ticketing team, but also improve the convenience and overall experience for your business partners, fans and other stakeholders.

Reduce the workload for your ticketing team

By giving multiple stakeholders the opportunity to manage their tickets themselves - completely digitally - the time spent by ticketing staff is significantly reduced.

Increase the convenience for your partners

sharepa increases the convenience for business partners through independent and user-friendly ticket management. This reduces administrative effort and enhances the customer journey.

Keep all data in-house

With sharepa, you ensure data security and control. You delegate ticket management but keep all data in-house, enabling centralized management and control. Fully GDPR compliant.

Improve the experience for your fans

Integrated into an existing app or using our whitelable solution, your fans can manage their tickets themselves and pass them on securely in just a few seconds. This guarantees the best possible ticketing experience.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Efficiency

sharepa can be seamlessly integrated into your existing environment. From the connection to ticketing, access and parking systems to the integration into existing fan or B2B apps, sharepa ensures a fluid exchange of information and streamlined processes.

What our clients say

"While fans usually buy tickets to attend by themselves, business partners buy tickets to invite clients or partners to share the experience. So, there is a necessity to share tickets conveniently."

Alexander Munda

Former Head of B2B - FK Austria Vienna


We tailor our offer to suit your challenges and needs.

Our prices are customized to your specific use case and depend, among other things, on the existing technology environment. In principle, the total price consists of a one-off setup fee and monthly costs.

The benefits of using sharepa:

  • Improved experience for your fans
  • More convenience for your biggest sponsors
  • Simplified access management for service providers
  • Enhanced customer journey for your business partners
  • Reduced workload for your ticketing team
  • 100% white label solution
  • Fully scalable, based on your specific needs

Premium Support

Seamless connection to ticketing and access control systems

Smooth integration with existing apps

Secure and
GDPR compliant

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