Possible Use Cases

How you can use sharepa to drive your organisation forward.

Introducing a league-wide standardised ticket management for away fans

sharepa empowers every individual club with the ability to manage their allocated ticket contingent for away games independently.

The clubs use their sharepa dashbboard to distribute tickets among their fanbase, ensuring an organized and secure process. By facilitating a 100% digital distribution process, sharepa eliminates the need for physical tickets. sharepa seamlessly integrates with all used ticketing and stadium access control systems, ensuring an enhanced fan experience, and an optimized overall efficiency of ticket distribution across the league.

Improving the access management for services providers in a stadium

sharepa serves as a hub for managing permissions for external service providers, like security or catering companies.

The platform integrates seamlessly with existing access systems within the stadium and allows the sports organization to define and customize access levels for different service providers. Access permissions can be tailored based on the specific roles and responsibilities of each service provider during events. The services providers can then manage their personnel independently via their individual sharepa dashboard.
sharepa seamlessly integrates with the stadium's infrastructure, including security systems and access control devices. This ensures a smooth and coordinated approach to managing access permissions, preventing any disruptions during events.

Handling multiple ticket contingents as a sponsor

sharepa enables companies to receive allocated ticket contingents from multiple sports organizations in a centralized manner.

This eliminates the need for managing tickets separately for each sponsorship, providing a unified and efficient approach.
The company has full control over how they share the allocated ticket contingents – be it within their departments or regional offices or with their business partners they want to invite.

Enhancing the experience for business partners

Create an improved customer journey for your business partners by integrating sharepa into a dedicated B2B app - either using an existing business app or the sharepa white label solution.

Fast and secure ticket distribution options make it easy for your business partners to share hospitality tickets with employees or invite customers - fully digital and in seconds. Parking services, vouchers and other inventory systems can also be connected, resulting in an outstanding user experience for your business partners.

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