Explore the functionalities of sharepa

With the newly launched keyperfc.com you can now experience firsthand what sharepa is capable of.

keyper FC is a fictive football club that is using the full scale of sharepa’s application possibilities to improve processes in various areas. On keyperfc.com You can step into the role of a keyper FC employee and start distributing ticket contingents to the club’s fictive sponsors, partners and away clubs.

Simply head to keyperfc.com, request your individual login data and start exploring the sharepa platform. Or get in touch for a guided tour: office@sharepa.eu

You can also download the use case of keyper FC as pdf whitepaper. Learn how keyper FC is using sharepa to improve the customer experience for its fans and members of its business club and to distribute large ticket contingents to sponsors and guest clubs within seconds.

Download the use case here: www.sharepa.eu/use-case

Would you like to know what opportunities sharepa offers for your organisation? Do not hesitate to contact us: office@sharepa.eu

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